How Start Blog and Earning Money Part 1

Getting Started

It is always best to try and make money from what you know. It is far easier to write about what you know than to try and make money writing about other things. However, having said that, you can find free content on almost any subject, so you can pick a subject that you think would be profitable, but you don’t really know anything about.

Host Your Blog On Your Own Domain:
This is extremely important. I know many other authors will advise you to use a free site, but I disagree. If you host your blog on your own domain then you get to call the shots. If you host your blog on someone else's domain they get to decide what you can do with your blog. They can decide that your blog is “inappropriate” and pull the plug on your blog. I personally use Godaddy for my blog. You can get to godaddy by going to, clicking on small business resources and then clicking on the word godaddy.

Creating Content For Your Blog:

It's always best to write your own content for your blog. Your posts don't have to be that long, ususally 100-250 words will do. You can write about a good book that you've read related to your topic. You can write something related to a post on a forum you frequent. You also should try to write something in your blog at least once per week.

When you get stuck writing your own content (trust me you will) use other people's articles. You can find free content for your blogs at article sites. You must follow the rules outlined in the article site. This usually means keeping the author’s contact information and links in place. Below is a list of links to article sites: